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Karla Borecky’s long-awaited second album following 2011’s Still In Your Pocket. In between her work with Idea Fire Company, Karla has been slowly building a new repertoire of solo pieces.  She threads together simple, whirling piano numbers.  Lines of blue sadness, red memories, and green dreams, stitched with charm and care.

An approachable album in the best way possible.  Whatever your hobby may be, The Still Life will set the mood.  This album also features two solo-piano versions of Idea Fire Company bangers: “The Life of the Party” from Music from the Impossible Salon (KYE)  and “The Island of Taste,” from The Island of Taste (Swill Radio).

Borecky’s music carries such a layered emotional identity while balancing a lack of pretension.  A fine tightrope to dance on, but she does it gracefully. Please do enjoy.