HP Cycle

KARK - The Hermit LP

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"Debut album from this massive free ensemble from Louisville which features a revolving cast of over 50 musicians including members of Sapat, Valley of Ashes, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Son of Earth, Taiwan Death and the Belgian Waffles. The Hermit consists of three extended pieces that offer spaciously abstract atmospheres as well as moments of righteous cacophony. Utilizing a multitude of brass, reeds and percussion the album careens through numerous passages where intricate harmonics are created from the densely layered sounds. When the full force of the ensemble is unleashed individual elements appear and quickly recede into the squall. As the music nearly becomes unhinged, the sound disintegrates into a godzilla-like rockist thud propelled by the rhythm section and soaring horns before drifting to a sparse conclusion. The LP comes in a full colour jacket with homespun artifacts gracing the cover." - HP Cycle