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K HOLES - same LP

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“K-HOLES began in an inauspicious, unambitious way. The goal was to play one show as a dirge surf band and then call it a day. Everybody was involved in other bands (BLACK LIPS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE, BEZOAR, GEORGIANA STARLINGTON). K-Holes was intended to be a big party with no strings attached. Somehow it stuck, though, as the big party with no strings attached lifestyle will sometimes do. Through long nights holed-up in a concrete room, the surf was stripped away and the dirge remained. A saxophone replaced a guitar and the sewer gas sound was complete. All nighters staring at one another through a haze of smoke, Budwieser cans crashing like cymbals against the floor, two beat up drums throbbing along with a $100 bass and the confused rage of a low wage in the digital age. Everything fell apart over and over. Each hungover day felt like a new disaster. So many shows, so many practices brought humiliating failure.