Stoned To Death


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Julinko was born in Prague during the year 2015 from the musical poetic oneiric vision of Italian singer and songwriter Giulia Parin Zecchin. “Two autumns ago I spent a long day at an old house in the countryside, where a band of friends were intensively rehearsing”, Julinko says. “Surrounded by loyal books, pen and notebook at hand, lips moistened by Lamercier absinth, I found myself irresistibly, mysteriously seduced and enveloped by the profound sense that the aura and the sound of a specific word I had encountered, was suggesting me: nectar, nettare, nèktar … as if beyond its common use, such term hid in itself a buried world which was claiming to be unveiled”.

According to some in-depth etymological studies on its Indo-European linguistic origin, “nèktar”, more than the mythological drink, seems to indicate a movement, a transcendental process: (quote) “ let go through the dark ocean of death” .

Nèktar points to a backwards initiation journey, where death corresponds to a new life. The black fluid which wraps us up within the shallow gloom of indolence and of the egoistic desire of possession, turns into the alchemical gold of knowledge and contemplation; grief is transformed into an ecstatic abandon into the chaotic flow into which we all are united and dispersed …