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JORDAN PERRY - Changing Always Who Is Waving to Us TAPE

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"FTR is excited and honored to be working with the Virginia-based guitarist, Jordan Perry, again on his new cassette. Our previous work with Jordan began with a reissue of his eponymous 2017 debut LP originally released by Good Cry Records, and was followed by vinylization of his self-released 2018 cassette, Witness Tree (FTR 465LP). Both of these albums are fantastic blends of folk technique and avant strategies, and the same can be said of this new cassette, Changing Always Who Is Waving to Us. Comprised of four pieces longer than the work on those earlier albums, the material was recorded earlier this year, originally just as a way to document some improvisations. Jordan returned to them when he was trying to write a new batch of tunes and, 'felt like they sat together nicely and were managing to do some of the stuff on their own that I was trying for with pen to paper.' Once he realized this, the project came together pretty quickly, and he decided to use a poem he'd been working on to name the tracks (and the tape itself). a cycle back not too fast with chilly eyes but two came by as our plastic horses rise and fall changing always who is waving to us. It's beautiful stuff. Like his other the music, quietly reflective in some spots and pungently intellectual in others. The length of the instrumentals also allows each to assume the feel of a mini-suite, and gives these alternating emotional approaches a chance to reconcile and create a new alloy. Perry has a way of approaching the guitar that is truly unique. And the closer you listen to it, the more surprises you'll discover in his music. Just amazing." --Byron Coley, 2020