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JONAS REINHARDT - the prime revealer/only pharoah 12"

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new up on the GPS is a beautiful new Jonas Reinhardt 12" EP - following hot on the heels of their acclaimed Not Not Fun LP "Music For the Tactile Dome" earlier this year (not to mention earlier essential outings on Kranky and KRAAK).

initially a project launched by San Francisco based Jesse Reiner, who began writing and creating analog synthesiser music over 10 years ago whilst studying music synthesis at the Harvard Electronic Music Centre (recently extended to a 4 piece for the road and future recording, by one time and current members of Trans Am, Mi Ami, Citay and 3 Leafs amongst others).

2 deep trip kosmische pieces, heavy on rich Cyborg-esque swells and pulsing drones, expansive simmer and swelling kraut soundscapes aimed for the stars. Hypnotic, warm and melodic with a celestial eeriness. Shades of Froese and Schulze figure for sure, with passing nods also perhaps to some of the later Sky oeuvre; "Sonnenlicht", "Synthesist", later Cluster etc...

cut and mastered at Abbey Road, this one looks just beautiful too. side A of this 12 is cut as a 7" played at 45 and Side B cut as a 10" at 33. 11+ mins of music overall. both sides featuring on disc etching from GPS head, Dom, also at Abbey Road. an incredible record in top opening pro-printed sleeves in a numbered edition of 500 on vinyl only.