Constellation Tatsu


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Ganymede, largest moon in the solar system, is thought to have water bodies trapped beneath a layer of ice on its surface. It's possible that volcanic vents could supply the necessary power to fuel life in these unknown oceans. This work imagines life & existence within these mysterious oceans beneath an icy sky. JONAS REINHARDT’s Ganymede takes the form of six audio tracks accompanied by 16mm films for each track. Each piece reflects the immersive sonic environment of the album through textural, rhythmic abstraction. The films are hand-processed, hand-painted, or embrace the degradation of the image emulsion. They embody a fluctuating pulse of energy mirrored in the imagined environment beneath the planet's surface. Filmmakers: ANTONIA KUO (also producing the film), JOSH LEWIS, BEN MOSCA, LILY SHENG, and KENNETH CURWOOD.