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John Bence is a composer and producer from Bristol, UK, whose work tackles epic narrative themes and uncompromising sonics with a juddering emotional punch. Over just a handful of releases including those for Nicholas Jaar's Other People imprint and Yves Tumor's label Grooming, Bence has built up a striking body of work, utilising music-making practices that span centuries in order to probe the full spectrum of the human psyche, its tragedies, ecstasies and all posts between.

Written during a residency at Zaragoza's FUGA space, Kill unfurls as a captivating and unnerving three-part suite, which as Bence explains, "tells the story of a murderer who kills his lover, commits suicide and then accelerates towards God to be judged". Throughout Bence sings like a man possessed, shifting from aching operatic vocals and Gregorian chant to chilling screams, with symphonic instrumentation pounding, swelling and resolving into transfigurative calm behind him.