JOEY FOURR - to the floorr LP

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a very sensual 12 track post funk pop landscape somehow inexplicably contained within this beautiful piece of vinyl for posterity and your personal enjoyment. 

"In the intimacy of the deep web, some saw in JOEY FOURR the reincarnation of a licorn in a “moonwalking” acid trip. A 2.0 fantasy probably fuelled by those “POP-tarts” colored explosions, well-known north american toaster cakes, spotted in their last videoclip, “My Dolphins”. In this -sad- world we’re living in, where nobody is playing baseball with dolphins, JOEY FOURR is Joseph Prendergast’s project (ex-Tubelord) accompanied by Moe Meade (Dog Legs) and Jack Barraclough (Halo Halo).

After touring in Japan and releasing 11 EPs on different labels (Art Is Hard, Reeks of Effort, Bad Paintings, etc.), the london trio locked itself (with records from Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Alain Souchon, Jonathan Richman, Haruomi Hosono, etc.) in the basement of Power Lunches to record his first album, “TO THE FLOORR”.A long 12-tracks ballad you can dance to lay down, with your face crashed on a glitter-y floor. Atypic, captivating, sensual and joyously dull, JOEY FOURR’s music is meant to be listened to at half-speed with your eyes full of love."