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Joe Houpert / Nathan Mclaughlin / Cody Yantis / Josh Mason - Line Drawings LP

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Line Drawings is rooted in the shared intentions and working methods of Cody Yantis, Nathan McLaughlin, Josh Mason and Joe Houpert. What started as a set of exercises under the banner of A Line in the Sand now encompasses seven releases on varying media and features the work of a range of musicians and artists. Released in 2014 by Digitalis Limited, Alice Sketches is a 54-minute cassette of conversations in which Houpert, Mason, McLaughlin, and Yantis consider and respond to challenges and questions posed by one another. The Line Drawings LP then takes the cassette and refines it—these eight pieces are clear and confident musical statements born from the risk and experimentation heard throughout the Alice Sketches.  “Introverted drones lay beside quieter passages, but they are strange side-streets that glint in the perilous light. The music glimmers with warmth, and yet it’s as cool as a breeze, with shadows disintegrating in the failing light.” —Fluid Radio “The project is one of 2014’s defining statements in experimental music.” —A Closer Listen “[A] cohesive entity that every single person involved should be immensely proud of.” —Exclaim “The work of each is a different idea and yet they work magnificently in this setting. Each composition is a continuation of and rebuttal against its predecessor.” —Tiny Mix Tapes