Down At Dawn


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Down At Dawn present a reissue of Joe Harriot Quintet And Sextet's Southern Horizons, originally released in 1960. This is Harriott on the verge of the free form/abstract period, but here, still anchored in the hard bop mode. This is stylish, elegant, tight, swinging; whatever label of appreciation you want to attach to it, this is still fresh music creation. This record sticks to the quintet line-up of sax, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums (as on Movement), but with the added pizzazz of a superb bongo player on a couple of tracks, just to heighten the sense of hepness to the proceedings. Partly original compositions, partly covers (including a dynamic take on "Caravan"), this was Harriott's first long-playing record as a leader. Personnel: Joe Harriott - alto saxophone; Coleridge Goode - bass; Frank Holder - bongos; Bobby Orr - drums; Harry South - Piano; Hank Shaw - trumpet; Shake Keane - trumpet, flugelhorn.