JOAO GILBERTO - Warm World Of Joao Gilberto LP

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In summer 1958, João Gilberto -an unknown 28 year-old Brazilian guitarist and singer from Bahia- made his recording debut as a singer with two songs "Chega de Saudade" and "Bim Bom." With a new rhythmic feeling, batida, and rich harmonies he laid the basis of the modern Brazilian samba, now known as Bossa Nova. Underpinned by his insouciantly swinging guitar, Joãos seductive, vibratoless vocals caressed both ear and soul in a mesmerizing, highly addictive combination, refreshing and modern. Chega de Saudade was a hit, launching Gilbertos career and the bossa nova craze. Soon, singers and guitarists were trying to imitate him and composers were all on a Desafinado (the second Gilbertos hit) and Chega de Saudade kick. The longawaited renewal of the Brazilian samba was now a fact. Antonio Carlos Jobim said: Gilberto appeared as a light, as a big star in the firmament, in the heavens. He became a focus, because he was pulling the guitar in one way and singing the other way, which created a third thing that was profound. Yes, the guy who brought the Bossa Nova beat to the world was João Gilberto.