Happy Happy Birthday To Me


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We at HHBTM headquarters flipped for JOANNA GRUESOME the first time we heard them, and though we knew we couldn't compete with Fortuna Pop / Slumberland's vast quantities of (well-deserved) money we jumped at the chance to put out their first 7". Well everyone knows Joanna Gruesome now. When they told the label they had some creative spillover, too many ideas to be contained by the album-every-two-years treadmill, HHBTM decided to team up with the UK based label Reeks of Effort (which is run by MAX WARREN of Joanna Gruesome) and their band TRUST FUND to do a split 12". The record sees the Gruesomes (as they're affectionately known by their massive legion of Japanese fans) stretching out sonically and emotionally. 'Coffee Implosion' opens with the Big Black like abrasiveness before sweetly stomping all over the room. And 'Satan (Desire Edition)' an alternate version of their album closer could fill a cathedral with it's spiritual emptiness. If you have even a passing interest in Joanna Gruesome you're going to need to grab this 12" while it's still available. Trust Fund isn't nearly as well known, for now. But these kids bring all kinds of Flying Nun-ish mid-fi guitar pop with hints of bands like Swearin', Sourpatch, and Big Soda seeping through. Those other guys have the sounds, but Trust Fund has the songs