JESSICA 93 - guilty species LP

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Now JESSICA93 records are expected and long-awaited. Just to be clear, "Guilty Species" won't let you down. Those who hated "Who Cares?" and "Rise" will have more reasons to keep doing so. The others, the ones who kept listening to them again and again, will have new reasons to get 
excited. More straightforward, more effective, much more disillusioned, this fourth album sees JESSICA93 moving on with its most interesting evolution to date. Going straight to the point, fierce and simple, the compositions are stripped away of all complications, coming with poisonous melodies and a ferocious grace. 
With spotlighted vocals and lyrics haunted by cockroaches and nasty things, this album is the most aggressive and heavy JESSICA93 record but also its most accessible to date! Despite its live backing band, "Guilty Species" was fully recorded by Geoffroy Laporte on his own in a total analog way by Vincent Gregorio (Les Etablissements Montasson & Fils).