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JEFF ZAGERS - Still / Alive CD

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The element of surprise must be present more than what is illustrated, let your fingers lead the way. Save this for strangers they'll appreciate you more. If you face the direction of the sun and close your eyes, the light grows darker into a burning red blanket. When you are wearing a raincoat, windbreaker, sweater, sweatshirt, macintosh, wedding gown, overalls or any other heavy garment - it can & will be used against you. You can escape, you can unwind, or even start over again - if you don't get too excited you can do all of these things at once. 

Still / Alive was recorded in Savannah, Georgia. Voice & melody monitor this recording of rural pop. Jeff Zagers plays drums, keys, guitar, bass, alto saxophone, drum machines (programming), and voice for your listening pleasure. -Alex Hampshire