J. WILTSHIRE - Laghan Pux LP

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Following 12"s from Ricardo Tobar and MANASYt, the third release on Tel Aviv's MUSAR welcomes rising UK star and Super Hexagon label boss, J.Wiltshire.

The Laghan Pux EP finds Wiltshire sharing his psychedelic electronic side and brings his versatile skills together, serving up four completely different soundtracks.
The gleaming sci-fi gem 'DESklep' opens the EP as a pure melodic IDM track loaded with Cornwall style while the bass-heavy
title track 'Laghan Pux' is pumping as a dark & sharp peak-time trippy beast.

On the B side, the mysterious Roy of The Ravers, gives you an interpretation of what is a proper acid sounds like, whereas 'Chained Releases' takes you on a deep and hypnotic adventure into space, full of warm guitar melodies and trancey synths.
'Summon Them' closes the EP, an ambient magic piece for a hazy, orange morning where the birds just woke up and the trees singing for the first time to break the day.