IVICH - La Vie Devant Soi 10"

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There was some shit-hot French hardcore in the 1990s. They were often unconventional, crazy, and free spirited – bands like Finger Print, Jasmine, Undone, Portobello Bones. And Ivich, from Saint-Maurice, Val-de-Marne – who managed to get snagged by Ebullition Records of California, for this 1996 release. Emotional intensity combined with a style that echoed 80’s European hardcore and also the new sounds that were coming out in the US on Gravity/Ebullition/Old Glory Records (and in France on Stonehenge Records) – too angry and fast for the ’emo’ tag, and too early in the day for ‘screamo’ (which didn’t really come into common use for another few years). These are leftover copies of the original press