IT'S CASUAL - The New Los Angeles LP

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Dude, THIS is one heavy band. This L.A. duo is sort of a West Coast version of Sweet Cobra, meaning they mix hardcore punk, biker rock, and thrash metal together effortlessly and play every riff like it’s their last. Their grooves don’t really make you want to headbang as much as neck-snap. Like you want to rotate your neck around real fast and bash into things. But they also play at Bubba friendly tempos tailor made for stomping around like a pro wrestler without spilling your tall boy.

Lyrically, guitarist/vocalist Edward Solis (southern lord) is singing the workin’ man’s blues. Shitty bus rides, rich folks’ privileged attitudes, overpopulation, and the goddamn cops all get a tongue lashing. The disc is short and sweet too, but the punch it packs should leave no doubt that these dudes are for real and got something valid to rant and rave about.