100% Silk

ITAL / MAGIC TOUCH - split 12"

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Groovesome twosome, din-yin and bang-yang, San Fran band of solo brothers, DAMON PALERMO and DANIEL MARTIN MCCORMICK disjoin forces here for a split personality. MAGIC TOUCH and ITAL, respectively, travel the globe separate and together (as the harmoniously, ever-evolving MI AMI), forging a years-long relationship that supercedes the prod of producer’s ego. Like his previous paean “Clubhouse” but with gospel-gush swirl and swoon, Magic Touch’s “Anywhere You Want Me” bursts with soul to squeeze, a slip-disco house hunt for the perfect ease-ster egg. Then, re-envisioned by Ital, “Anywhere” goes satin to satan, perfect paranoia pitch, choir curse, a ‘bot-banger out of darkness into flight. Flip to Ital’s “From A Dream” and find your BPM on a trip-treadmill, jacked, pumped, maxxed Max Headroom seizure samples, with moments of power-pretty sweat-spritz dizziness. The remix from Magic Touch jumps through italo-boogie loops and hoops for a revolution-evolution of hooks and crammies, all dissolving into an interzone afterglow. Compliments to the chefs.