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INVISIBLE SPORTS (Aaron Moore) - the future tastes LP

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ltd edition lp on 180gm heavyweight virgin vinyl. Release includes free download cardreview:'Future Tastes' is the first album by Invisible Sports. Invisible Sports is the solo project of Volcano The Bear co-founder Aaron Moore. Aaron Moore in an Englishman residing in Brooklyn.

Invisible Sports was a bedroom game Moore used to play with a former girlfriend where he would perform a variety of naked sports poses. His girlfriend would then have to guess which sport he was posing. The music of Invisible Sports 'Future Tastes' bears no relation to this game. Songs performed on melodic percussion, drums, trumpet, strings, PVC tubing and a rubber band bass with lyrics inspired by a dissolving relationship. Moore painstakingly played, recorded and mixed 'Future Tastes' over a 3 year period soon after relocating to Brooklyn, NY.

Moore has appeared on over 30 albums with various groups & toured extensively in North America & Europe; He has collaborated/performed with Boredoms, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, AIRWAY, Ilitch, Paul Dunmall, Michael Snow, Mats Gustaffson, Alan Courtis, C Spencer Yeh, Andrew Liles, The Nightingales, Steve Mackay.

Moore’s other musical projects past & present include Volcano The Bear, Wizards Of Oi, Moore-Muller-Music, Textile Trio/Orchestra, Dragon Or Emperor, Amolvacy, Courtis/Moore and Songs Of Norway.