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Harriet Fraser-Barbour (Workhorse, Fair Maiden, Wireheads, Ripple Effect Band), Elena Nees (Allume, Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets) and Lauren Abineri (Waterbear, JEM) are Introduction! Deploying a minimalist post-punk approach to echo drenched pop and resonating solidarity with the other girl-gangs, who with soft precision kick a hole in your chest. While the trio currently occupy several geographical spaces stretched across different corners of the continent, the recording of this 6-track debut taken on Kaurna country is a sonic picture of time and place. Formed in Adelaide in 2019 out of pleasure and hope, against the banal backdrop of male dominated music scene, Introduction carefully constructed these pieces of shining space debris in a week. Spending months polishing them into a sonic artefact offering disquieting comforts for your journey.

The entourage, fallen space debris in shined silver, create wavey shimmering pop. Percussive drums ride below driving bass, as dreamy synths cut like lasers and echo-drenched vocals coo like Ground Control on sedatives. Taking inspiration from minimalist 70s post-punk pioneers Young Marble Giants and the avant-pop of Broadcast, Introduction! are a Marine Girls moon landing; a Solid Space Picnic at Hanging Rock. This EP is a document of a temporary coming together, part of the constant exodus and transience community.