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INSERVIBLES - una vida de tristeza 7"

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New record by the Mexican fellows, 5 songs currently being mixed. And you know how they can mix things up. Co-release with Paco LVEUM.

Review by Daniel of Sorry State Recs in the US: "Latest record from this Mexican powerhouse, and it's easily their best record since their excellent demo. While their LP was great, it was a tough listen... a record meant to convey so much pain and desperation should be, really, but I'm kind of thankful the band chose to back off of that approach just a little for this newest EP. With catchier, more memorable riffs and more of a mid-paced rhythm, it's tough to think of anything but early Rudimentary Peni when you hear this, though the confrontational politics and high emotional register seem uniquely Latin American to me. Another excellent release from one of the most real and exciting bands in modern punk."