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Reissue/2nd edition of 2010 Innercity '2' tape...remastered & slightly different cover art.

"These are the sounds that I found written in the starry scorpion sky on the night of my 29th birthday, aural visions evoked by performing classic north east belgian rites in the stone desert mountains around Aït Benhaddou, Morocco. This cassette is the soundtrack (be it an interpretation) for the coming and becoming of the all bright gatekeeper to future levels of events. It is then memory of the jaguar that hymns in the antiworld the word that liquifies and chrystalizes and repeats itself endlessly in parallel hallucinations.

This cassette is manufactured of highly evolved plastic designed to resonate at a certain frequency and thus absorb the intellect of whom listening to it. Same technology has already shown to permanently erase all signs of brains in human beings and bring joy and happiness to those who understand. This comes pro-dubbed on 40-minute dinosaur-DNA."