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Behind fading out pling-plongs you can hear two of the ICA band members talking about some mystery item:

MS, “I can’t make it work”

KP, “push it”

MS, “What?”

KP, “There’s different settings to choose from

MS, “yes, two, right?

KP, “Yes…

An anonymous ICA fan writes in a reddit post, that if you layer these two voices on top of each other and play KP’s voice backwards the band members will speak in unison saying, “we mean there are footsteps while we stand still”. This was suggested a short time after the band played their first concert back in 2022. A few weeks later in another chat someone suggests how the ICA acronym could be understood as a counterabreviation of CIA, “… a music to infiltrate a secret police force?”… Then a certain ConradSvensson states that the acronym in fact is a reference to a swedish supermarket chain of the same name, arguing for a similarity in the atmosphere of the music and the food store, “… an almost empty mall, in the outskirts of a small village. Everyone greets each other kindly as if everything is completely normal. Smiling, raising their caps. In the mainhall a young couple is dancing next to a jukebox. Far back you can hear a strange repetitive rumble. Something small, that suddenly has grown enormously big. A giant bullet looping around in a huge hole in the ground.”

The huge amount of conspiratorial myth that already has been spun around this modern supergroup goes on and on.