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Infero is the Cleveland, Ohio duo of the Gulyas brothers, Julian and Joe (you may know Julian as the fella who runs the Cylindrical Habitat Modules label). This LP comes out of nowhere and covers a lot of ground in a shade over 40 minutes. This album is the equivalent of reading the diary of someone who left this astral plane as soon as they could. It's music that is intensely personal and kept close to the vest. Synthesizers come and go like ghosts ejected from the machine, haunting the bedrooms in your parents' house. Chords and drones peak out like scraps of paper that have been left behind, pieced back together to find some kind of meaning, some kind of solace in the most obscure vestiges of a life that no longer exist. This is your life's highlight reel, running back at half-speed as it flashes before your eyes in the final moments before that last dawn. Acoustic guitars echo in the darkness with elastic, hopeful solos finding the space between the emotional slipstream that follows in your wake. Infero is a record that's raw and rife with texture. Horns mourn the loss of another day and the stagnation that comes in the aftermath. Each note and chord feels like it was considered through oblivion and put through every test before being put down permanently onto magnetic tape. The only things that appear out of place are done with purpose, remnants of songs left behind so that you can still see their outlines in dust. Find the beauty in the intricate details Infero lays out before you and don't forget to get lost in the empty, perfect spaces. - Brad Rose, Experimedia