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IMBOGODOM - The Metallic Year LP

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Imbogodom are the UK's Alexander Tucker and New Zealand's Daniel Beban. The Metallic Year is their Thrill Jockey debut and first release under the Imbogodom moniker. Mutual friends in sound exploration, this Trans-Atlantic duo create other-worldly transmissions where improvisation gives way to mutated song forms and intricate soundscapes.

Imbogodom began life inside the depths of BBC's Bush House, where Beban worked nights as a world service radio engineer. Taking advantage of the empty studios, Tucker and Beban dusted off the disused reel to reel tape machines and put them to work. Splicing together tape loops, the duo dove into the fine and nearly lost art of tape editing. While this technique is challenging, the process often yields great rewards. Using an array of instruments, objects, dictaphones, and voices, the duo switch between one operating the tapes and mixing desk and the other being the player. Through this process of roll exchange, the duo were able to remove the divide between player and manipulator to create a pure sonic interaction and unique meeting of minds.