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IMBOGODOM - metafather LP

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'Metafather' beautifully completes Daniel Beban and Alexander Tucker's spellbinding cycle of Imbogodom albums recorded in the BBC's now defunct Bush House studios. It was recorded in the bowels of the building (also used to great effect on Robin The Fog's 'Ghosts Of Bush House') in the dead of night during September 2011 using reel-to-reel machines salvaged from abandoned studios, and dually evokes the spectres of olde analog England and the bleak dystopia of the riots which occurred across London at the time. Tucker's distinctively mannered vocals harmonise like haunted figures with Beban while the pair oscillate between mixing desk and tape operations casting themselves as intertwined phantoms conjuring psychedelic apparitions and unheimlich visions. There's a rich energy that flows through the record, harnessing the potential of foley, coiled tape loops and the intersecting leylines of underground London with a sense of feeling-in-the-dark radiophonic experimentation and a rarified sort of possessed songwriting that's at once contemporary and deeply classic. It's all made us feel quite uneasy, and surely demands to be while the dark evenings close in.