ILLUMINATIONS - see saw LP (incl. CD-R)

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Incorporating elements of blues, country, punk and pop, and with an emphasis on traditional songs, SEE-SAW falls into what Gram Parsons had called “cosmic American music”. Accordingly, it lies somewhere between the country-soul of Big Star and the punk spirit of The Wipers. Recorded in a basement on an 8 track reel to reel, and later mixed at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, it’s anthemic yet warmly modest. The drums, though straightforward and minimal, are a solid rallying cry. The bass is both warm and soulful. The guitars are twisted American hybrids, shifting from a bluesy jangle to a dark sound-fix, like Chuck Berry or Tom Verlaine playing to the sound of a jet crashing, or the springs of a clock snapping apart. The piano and organ add cool melodic counterpoints, bringing calm to chaos. The lyrics are spun out of rich phrases, crowded with protagonists that rise and fall on opposite ends of the great fulcrum of luck. Zachary Cale's vocal delivery is wrenching, both crooner-like and raw. The end result is an enigmatic album that is both familiar and foreign; one that wears the suit of American rock & roll, but broadcasts anthems from another universe.