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Hylidae is a new music project from Saint Louis by Jon Burkhart. Relatively new to pushing his music to the outside world Jon steps into his creations as Hylidae a little bit green but it sure doesn’t sound like it with the excellent production value and seamlessly blended eclectic nature of this release. Hylidae covers a lot of ground on these six tracks that are compositionally complex and dense in the selection of sounds and the way they ebb and flow out of each other. Hylidae has a high regard for how to layer textural sound elements to high light the drama embedded in this hybrid electronic dance music. No approach seems off the table yet the results are so clear and contained. Jon even delivers some nice vocals to music that might not usually expect them to great effect. Not limited to studio creations witnessing Hylidae live yielded no drop off in performance of these excellent tracks. A very high mark for this newcomer.