HYENA - s/t LP

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Released in cooperation with a number of hard working DIY labels Rope or Guillotine (Netherlands), Pifia Records (Asturies / Germany), La Agonía de Vivir(Madrid), Dingleberry records and distribution (Germany), Ojalä Me Muera Recoords (Barcelona), Pundonor Records (Madrid), Potato (Belarus), Discos Finu(Madrid) and Repulsive Medias (France), and spiced up with the amazing art from Alex CF, the newest self-titled record from HYENA is a straight up masterpiece. The band features members of URAWILD ANIMALS, ORCHIS SIMIA and ENOCH ARDON, and it’s their debut record is a fine example of modern, high quality offering born from unrelenting, uncompromising velocity of raw crust roots and evolved into a more elaborate structure.