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Hummingbird of Death's brand of fastcore is ruthlessly quick and efficient, and that the two tracks average around the six minute mark, it makes you wonder why they are so long. Pummelling throughout, HoD's two tracks shift between rapid thrashy riffs drenched in punky vocals and punch-in-the-face drums to huge chugging passages and sludgy, down-tempo dirges. How or why anyone would want to follow this is unfathomable. But Titanarum willingly take up the challenge with eight tracks of furiously intense and aggressive vehemence. This is fast, thrashy punk designed to destroy. Unforgiving and unremitting, Titanarum's tirade is the stuff mosh pits are made of: sheer frustration curled into a fist that's tightly packed into a boxing glove stuffed with explosives. Want a fight? Get this.