Les Ateliers Claus

HUMBROS - Druidarium LP

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After From 0 to 90, released in 2020 on the British label Phantom Limb, Humbros returns with Druidarium (les albums claus ), always with this focus on the mixture, the hybridization of synthetic and acoustic sounds. Captured in the mass, the eleven pieces are a concentrate of the different mediums and materials explored by the duo during four days of improvisation in the Ateliers Claus studio in December 2020.
Eleven scenes, panoramic or microscopic faux-field-recordings, strewn with stridulations and buzzes, from which sometimes emanate melodies seeming to escape from occult radios, from a deserted hotel hall, or even from a festive parade. Sound environments with different depths, textures and distances made possible by the movement of microphones in space, the use of different types of speakers as well as a multitude of acoustic and electronic percussion played on both sides of the studio.