HUMANOIDS - Year of the Snake 7"

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Basically, the Humanoids are an overlooked punk rock gem hailing from St. Louis, Missouri (which probably explains why they’re overlooked). Luckily enough, the Twin Cities’ Rock Bottom Records are well versed in Humanoid-mania. After releasing their near-stellar debut, Are Born, Rock Bottom and the ‘Noids have teamed up once again to deliver this wicked three-song 7".

Side A comes out guns blazing with two punch-drunk, Sparks-fueled pop-punk nuggets. The title track, "Year of the Snake" is the perfect opener as the drums and bass kick the door open with reckless disregard while, the singer ponders a perfectly valid question: “Who’s the captain of this ship? / Because we’re sinking in the shit.”

Side B closes up shop with a choice cover of the Wipers’ "Youth of America." Anyone familiar with the Humanoids won’t be too surprised with their choice to rock the hell out of a fun-as-hell cover. More shows than not, these fellas manage to tip their hats to pop-punkers who trudged paths before them (i.e. Descendents, Face to Face, etc).