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HUMAN INFERNO - In The Kaiser I Saw / Family My Asshole LP

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Newest 12" by Norwegian Noise guru Human Inferno. Tons of tape delays / field recordings and electronic manipulations.

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug.

Limited to 200 handnumbered copies with self/made covers.

Human Inferno, aka David Gurrick
Date of birth: 7 September 1969 (Oslo, Norway)
Married with two children (three-and-a-half and seven-and-a-half)

Gurrick is heavily involved in school politics and the local community, in particular with regards to drugs and immigration. He is into the Italian band Tampax; their album Let It Shit is being played a lot.
The children like Norwegian punk, Kjøtt and Betong Hysteria. And Kraftwerk, of course; all children do.