HUMAN CULL - stillborn nation CD

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Human Cull are a grindcore band who formed in 2007 in the United Kingdom (Insert tea and crumpets joke here). Since their conception, 7 years ago, the band has put out a few EP's and split albums; howeverStillborn Nation is the band's first full length album. Clocking in at a marathon 25 (ish) minutes, the album is over before you even realize the damage it has done. 

The music is fast, with 22 of 23 songs being under the 2-minute mark, therefore the album goes by very quickly. The low-end heavy sound is pummeling and extremely dense. Imagine being locked in a pitch black closet while body boxing Mike Tyson; and boom, you have this album. Vicious vocal snaps and continuous blasting drums together with down-tuned guitars and thick chunky bass; what's not to love about this album?

The short song lengths keep the listener from passing out in this all out audio onslaught (as well as keep the more hardened listener from losing interest). The album is well written and concise; nothing feels out of place or over extended. The driving crust-infused grindcore sound is tight and very well produced. Nothing is too loud or too quiet, and everything is audible. (Metalstorm)