HOWSE - lay hollow LP

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Tri Angle presents the debut EP of another enigmatic young producer from the broadband underground, Howse. 'Lay Hollow' takes us deeper than we've ever been into the mournful electronic underworld that Tri Angle has so successfully colonised - hypnotising us with vapour-trail synths and footwork drums tranquillised down to a funereal andante, but keeping us ever so slightly on edge with the sound of distant crow-calls and Boards of Canada-style atmospherics. It's the extraordinary 'VBS' that provides the highlight of the EP - here there's footwork torque as well as texture, ghetto-shaking subs and skippy, accelerated 808 patterns framing coital moans and ominous strings. 'Old Tea' combines stormy ambience with drum programming that borders on d'n'b rollage; 'Depths' further caters to the ghost-steppers before before 'Fete' sees us out on an air-mattress of airy string-pads and hungover, sleep-deprived Reese bass.