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HONSHU WOLVES - shine on me 10"

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The Honshu Wolves (name of a disappeared wolf from Honshu Isle in Japan) are a galactic blues swiss trio. Driven by Anne, her hypnotic guitare and her transandantal voice, just have a new very limited 10" on Moi J'Connais Records "Shine on Me" ... Lo-fi but not too much, haunted but luminous, groovy and smooth ! 6 songs came from the swiss pre-Alps, the meeting between Mississippi John Hurt and Spacemen 3 ! A taste of confusion through an illegible mysterious triptych cover, silk-screen printed ... maintain the doubt ... 2 slide guitares, full of reverb, fuzz, delay and heat, a 60's drum sound ... a Howlin' Blues woman for a cold summer.

Recorded and artwork by Markus from legendary swiss band Roy & the Devil's Mortorcycle. Silk-screen printed & very limited.