Release the Bats


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"Woolly Mannerisms poigantly evokes the resonance of a cascading culture. In just under 23 minutes of what is this gorgeous amalgamation of clatter, HONEYHANDER's debut ep deactivates and rebuilds new wave, arouses the comatose dream pop, and flirts with a fascination of complication all while channeling only their own movement. On Woolly Mannerisms the quintet (featuring ex-members of A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE and AS THE SUN SETS) fabricates endless deposits of guitars over a small army of synths, visceral live drumming, and charged vocals so organically the transition is virtually seamless. Try to imagine a bloody mix of MY BLOODY VALENTINE and PUBLIC IMAGE LTD, all soaked in dark electronica. Lyrically speaking, the record emerges to be a breakup with or out of the limitations of society while fusing more urgent relationships in the process. It is five kids take on what pop music should and could be. It is the soundtrack to the most beautiful and complicated day of your life. It is their movement. It is your movement. Artwork by The Chemistry Designs. US version out on Strictly Amateur Films. Unique for the Release The Bats edition is a remix on Our Connoisseurs Are Feeders made by Pleasurehorse.