HOLY MONEY - s/t 7"

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Resurrected from the ashes of HATRED SURGE. HOLY MONEY deliver two doom sludge tracks in the vein of older Noothgrush, Dystopia and Burning witch....they call it "Egodeathsludge". These guys are something of a Houston supergroup: bassist/ runner-up of the all-Texas Ian Mackaye Lookalike Challenge, Michael Tehrani and drummer/ hardcore auteur Alex Hughes formerly played together in the legendary TXHC band Machine Gun Romantics and its crucial powerviolence spinoff Knuckle Scraper while Tehrani and guitarist Kevin Hirth both played guitar in the headsplittingly fun and 100% unGoogleable punk band Gay Marriage. HOLY MONEY is named after a Swans record, and it shows in their doomy, sludgy, awesome music, which you can hear here.