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HITS - Cielo Nublado LP

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A new album by the Oakland trio: warbled post-punk meets oozing art pop. “Cielo Nublado” is penned by Hits songwriter and leader, Jen Weisberg. Similar to the previous full-band release (“Sediment Seen”), she has enlisted the help of Max Nordile on bass and Brian Tester on drums & lead recording. Hits has had a fluctuating line-up for the past decade, but the newest phase of evolution called for collaboration. The full, live, band acts as a springform pan to shore up the songwriting cake.

Max says, “Half the album was recorded in reclusive fear (via email). Another quiver of songs was crafted live, within the relative safety of the Band Pod. Both sets of songs share a common throughline, Jen Weisberg's voice. Both her voice- La La La- and her voice- her Personal Expression. Is that two things? Comforting and inscrutable, bizarre and delightful- Jen's twin voices ring out, buoyed by ramshackle, charming, and sometimes even steady rhythms provided by her comrades in arms.”