Bloated Veins


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Hexis present their most relentlessly aggressive record to date, resembling a deeply chaotic tortured soundtrack to a descent into hell itself. At just 16 minutes in length, 'XII' offers an even deeper glimpse into the abyss.

Following shortly after their phenomenal sophomore album, ‘Tando Ashanti’ which came out on Halo of Flies and Alerta Antifascista Records just 6 months ago, ‘XII’ shows Hexis at their very best. Fierce, uncompromising and relentless from the start, ‘XII’ offers zero respite to the listener. A dissonant and nihilistic wall of noise crafted by hideous riffs and incessant drumming showcase the sound that Hexis are renowned for; the abrasiveness of black metal perfectly fused with the subtle grooves of hardcore punk.

Whilst hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Hexis have spent most of this year on the road. Booking and playing shows (with no management or agents) all over the planet, the band played 195 shows in 41 countries in 2017. With their powerful live performances, incredible DIY work ethic and now two ferocious releases in such a short space of time, its easy to see why Hexis are held in such high esteem by the underground scene.