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HEX MACHINE - Run To Earth 12"

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Keeping the spirit of 90’s noise rock alive, Hex Machine’s “Run To Earth” EP is easily the best representation of the band to date. Low tuned dominating guitar driven rock in the vein of The Melvins, VAZ, Amphetamine Reptile artists, etc. Moderately mathy rock fused with some electronically fried soundscapes, and echoey vocals that creep up on you. In the vinyl format there are splashes of subtle noises/mumblings/guitar riffs that didn’t really translate on cd. Sinister layers galore here, listen closely! The band comes together from a rich array of old Richmond bands, like Sliang Laos, Human Thurma, Tulsa Drone, Farquhar, and ((HRM)) to name a handful. Each record comes with a CD version of the EP.