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HENNING CHRISTIANSEN - Opus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage À Richard Demarco LP

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This record is a lie and a failure - a triumph and truth. Such is the condition that Henning Christiansen build across his entire career.  One the 20th Century’s most striking and visionary composers - perhaps the most notable of Fluxus’ Danish arm, Christiansen was a radical collectivist as much as an assertive individualist - contradictory and reactionary - possessed by a singular vision which drove him down uncharted paths.

Christiansen’s life, with the sprawling body of work it left in its wake, peels 20th century creative practice like an onion skin. He was exactly what his era demanded, and for this, no one knew what to do with him. Of all the composers working within the cradle of Fluxus, he is possibly the truest to its primary intent - the destruction of hierarchy, orthodoxy, and categorization - dissembling long cemented ideas about music as a participatory act, or a way of organizing sound. Christiansen was unmanageable -refusing to play by the rules. A formally trained composer who rejected the concert hall - favoring the context of fine art or spaces and sonorities which carried little baggage of their own - who wielded the hammer forged by John Cage against the exclusivities of high culture, ultimately turning it on Cage himself.