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Waking up on the floor is not extremely abnormal for MATT BAHAMAS—on HEAVY HAWAII’s latest 7-inch, shaggy-haired front man Bahamas hums and laments over opportunities lost; metaphors for relationship and life troubles—paralleling the major upset of his hometown football heroes’ one chance at winning the Super Bowl in the mid ‘90s. Since then time has passed and it looks like Heavy Hawaii have kept their neon sonic jangled guitars and creamy atmospheric vintage keyboards on the title track “Super Bowl XXIX.” A perfect companion to the end of a wintry depression and an ode to a hopeful whiff of something resembling Spring in the air, the new Super Bowl XXIX 7-inch by Heavy Hawaii is a welcome addition to this melodic, lo-fi pop act’s already wonderful catalogue of music. Heavy Hawaii, formed in 2009, features Matt Bahamas (vocals/guitar/keys), JOJO KEYLARGO (guitar/backup vocals), MIKEY PETERSON (drums/percussion), DEREK BUTLER (bass guitar), and AIMEE S