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a new ALLSTAR project from Chicago w/ kids from Milemarker, Atombombpocketknife and Pinebender. Driven beautiful IndieChicagoRock - handnumberered and limited to 500 copies

Debut LP from the hot & heavy Chicago trio that is the HEAD OF SKULLS! Featuring Chris Hansen (guitarist & singer of the beloved PINEBENDER), Noah Leger (the sweatiest drummer ever who also sounds like he has 8 arms who has played with MILEMARKER, CHALLENGER, HURL & THEE SPEAKING CANARIES) & the fantasic Allison Hollihan (who has most likely poured you many a drink & rocked you greatly with her thunderous bass licks in ATOMBOMBPOCKETKNIFE.) H.O.S. plays no-nonsense post- punk that is mix of HOT SNAKES, SILKWORM & late 80's early 90's AMREP bands. Recorded by Mike Lust (the Hugh Hefner of the Chicago rock scene) at Phantom Manor. Come on, support these drunken punkers, they'll probably buy you a beer for doing so. EXCELLENT STUFF.