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HAZEL'S WART - Together We Didn’t LP

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*Together We Didn't is the dazzling debut album from the super fuzzed San Francisco trio HAZEL’S WART. When the three members of Hazel's Wart, BENJAMIN CAPRILE (drums and vocals), GUSTAVO CASILLAS III (guitars), and MATHEW GALASTI (bass), were given the opportunity to record their debut album in a local recording studio during after hours, they took time off for some late night multitracking to create their own slice of distortion heaven. With drums and bass as the dirgey driving force, the guitar melts everything together with blistering riffs, soaring melodies, and squealing feedback bouncing around the songs, and the combination of influences from all the nooks and crannies of their mixed musical backgrounds (hardcore, metal, punk, and whatever you pick up on the way) makes Together We Didn't sparkle. From the immediate and crushing wall of sound on opener “Wallow,” and the gradual build up of “Virtues of Restraint” on side one, to the slurpy catchyness of “Worried Sick,” and the aggressive shredding on closing track “Houdini”, the eight songs on Together We Didn't present a classic and seamless mix of equal parts enamored headbanging, and sweet jangly bliss, blasted into heavy pop perfection.

Edition of 300 copies with three color screen-printed cardstock jacket and hand-stamped label logo on the back plus xerox insert.