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Allow Mixmaster Morris, YMO’s Haruomi Hosono, and US electronica pioneer Jonah Sharp to nuzzle nostalgia nozzles on a first vinyl pressing of their 1997 ambient dance saga - a big RIYL The Irresistible Force, Spacetime Continuum, Dreamfish, Tetsu Inoue, FFWD, H.I.A., Fax +49-69/450464

Mana for backroom psychonauts and yoghurt weavers, ‘Quiet Logic’ pitches a trio of electronic music dreamers in fluid, harmonious fusion for just under an hour of gently trippy ambient soundscaping. Mostly helmed by transatlantic duo Morris & Sharp, it crucially stars two standout jams with living legend Haruomi Hosono, whose preceding decades of work - both solo and with Yellow Magic Orchestra - held huge sway over his collaborators and their generation.

The influence of YMO and Japanese electronics and culture can be read in the track titles, elegance, and iridescent tone of the album, from the frothily animated designs of ‘Waraitake’ recallign earlier Susumu Yokota acid trax, thru the sparkling ambient jungle of ‘Uchu Yuei (Swimming in Space’, and the melange of environmental ambient and club sensuality in ’Tsunami (Moon Viewing)’. But that link is best firmed up in Hosono’s two co-composer credits, gracing the fluttering delicacy ‘Wakarimasen’ with fractal melodic charms, and lending a lysergic quality to the jazzy frisson of elements in ‘Dr. Gauss / Yakan Hiko (Night Flight)’. Don your best raglan T, turn up those spenny Jap denim cuffs, and get a hot knife on the go for optimal ‘90s a e s t h e t i c when rolling on the carpet to this one.