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HANS-A-PLAST - Live At Rockpalast 1980 (Dedicated To Jens Meyer) LP

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What to do when there's a fire?

by Hollow Skai*

In November 1987, the New Wave Band Hans-à-Plast, which consisted of two couples, had their first gig at the first “No-Fun-Festival” in a small youth centre in Hannover. They had started out as a anti-nuclear song group that agitated passersbysin pedestrian areas, but they were fed up by “the pointless discussions at university”.

Instead of countless hours of thinking and three years of practice, they started out right from the beginning. In a short amount of time, Annette Benjamin learned all their repertoire. They had known her from her Band “Schleim” which also had a gig at the aforementioned festival. With Annette, the band had a singer that not only resonated with the audience but also with Alfred Hilsberg, who booked them twice for his festivals at the “Markthalle” and additionally said the following about here in the music magazine “Sounds”: “Annette is the best of all the new bands. She has the kind of energy, with which she can destroy you with just her voice.”

But not only she was “a belter” (as the “Sounds” editor at the time Michael O. R. Kröher later recalled), but also the rest of the band. “That was a real rockband.”

Whenever Hans-à-Plast played live, they gave them hell, they turned their locations into a broiling pit and played everywhere they could. Antifa-festivals as well as a punk club in Hamburg or at the “Wuppertaler Börse”, where they also met “Fehlfarben”, a band that soon only knew one goal: sell more records than them.