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HANK IV - Depravity’s Rainbow 7"

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Recorded in a lacerating hi-fidelity previously unheard on their other 7-inch singles, Depravity’s Rainbow is something of an alternate-universe rock ’n’ roll pop hit vista for HANK IV. But these songs aren’t any sort of gauzy or hazy faux-California summer jams—this is some straightup TV-MA-LSV shit and the screen’s inside your eyelids. “Depravity’s Rainbow” is a mid-tempo self-loather about moral relativism that grinds three different gears before finally achieving escape velocity for its pummeling climax. Feel free to shout along with the chorus and / or cry along to the verses the next time the crushing weight of your misspent life keeps you awake in the small hours. The flip, “Your Mind Is a Disco,” sports a propulsive skiffle-bounce beat, but lead vocalist Bob McDonald has worn concrete shoes to the dance. His mirrored ball of a brain spins, dazzles and ultimately explodes inside his skull, causing guitar feedback to leak from his ears as he screams the refrain over and over.