h M A S - Fear God Honour The King LP

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Having brought legendary Tasmanian acts The Stickmen, Dacios and Night Terrors to vinyl and the accompanying wider audience, Homeless now presents its first archival release—the art-damaged spazz-punk of h M A S—with their unreleased LP, Fear God Honour The King. Almost two decades after being recorded, this album of lost recordings will be issued on vinyl (or any format) for the first time! Formed in the early '90s amongst the small town confines on the NW coast of Tasmania, BEN CROTHERS and DUNCAN ROBINSON found a new beginning in the music handed down from Ben’s older sister. Anything that came from reading NME and Select got them buying and listening to everything from Pixies, They Might Be Giants and Devo to XTC, Buzzcocks, Wire and Black Sabbath, not forgetting Tlot Tlot. In the time since its recording in 1997, the original master tapes have been lost and this single attempt at a mix is all that remains. In a way this makes Fear God Honour The King exactly like everything h M A S had always done before—spontaneous but flawed, pointless but essential. Remastered and remixed by MIKEY YOUNG and Ben Crothers. Packaged with an innersleeve with notes by JULIAN TEAKLE and ANDY HAZEL.

“While the rest of the world was caught up in grunge, Britpop or the Spice Girls or intentionally reacting against these things, Duncan Robinson and Ben Crothers were listening to Devo and Pixies, obsessing about other Hobart bands, watching lots of David Lynch, consuming sherbet at an unhealthy rate and making a virtue out of short attention spans. The music that emerged at a stunning rate, sounded something like the cast of Rugrats scoring Japanese advertisements with a Casiotone, a broken guitar and the world's oldest drum machine.”—Andy Haze

Includes a download with bonus cassette-only albums. Limited to 300 copies